Announcing the new JMJ Wetsuits website

We are excited to announce the release of our latest creation: the new JMJ Wetsuits website. We are extremely proud of the site we’ve developed, and it really reflects principles that we share with JMJ: it is custom, quality, reliable, and 100% built in California.
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Global Entry Doors – a Case Study

Global Entry Doors owner Mike Jenkins approached us because he was frustrated with trying to build his own website. After spending weeks of his valuable time trying to make a site with a low-cost solution that promised his “dream” website, he realized that his site looked terrible, made his business look unprofessional, and wasn’t helping him sell doors.
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The New Belly Up Live is Live

The world-renowned Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California tapped Derek to revise their Belly Up Live download store. The new version went live on June 12th, 2016.
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Derek T Consulting releases the new Competent Search website

Corporate recruiter Craig Guisinger wanted to take his business to the next level, and contacted Derek T Consulting about refreshing his circa-2004 website. After a thorough review of the old site and discovery sessions with Craig, it was clear that he needed a clean, fast and professional site with a corporate identity that would appeal to his enterprise banking clients.
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How we helped GoEpoxy improve their website

Entrepreneur Daynan Johnson contacted Derek T Consulting to review his newly-created website for his epoxy flooring business, GoEpoxy. He liked how his former site looked, but felt it “just wasn’t right”. After a thorough evaluation, we found that there were multiple issues that seriously impacted the usability of the site:
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Derek T Consulting Services helps change the future of Cardiff-by-the-Sea

When a few city officials voted to pave over a beautiful natural section of public coastal land in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, local residents decided to take action.
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We recommend

Throughout the years a few great web offerings stand out..
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Derek T Consulting Services is now open for business! We look forward to helping you with your website needs.

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