How we helped GoEpoxy improve their website

Entrepreneur Daynan Johnson contacted Derek T Consulting to review his newly-created website for his epoxy flooring business, GoEpoxy. He liked how his former site looked, but felt it “just wasn’t right”. After a thorough evaluation, we found that there were multiple issues that seriously impacted the usability of the site:

1. The website took a long time to load (over 22 seconds for a single page), even on a fast internet connection. This likely caused many users to leave his website before ever seeing it.

2. There were many errors found in the web page code; the W3C code validation service found 29 HTML errors and 4,269 CSS errors on a single page. Not only did his page appear incorrectly, but the errors could have negatively affected his ranking in search engine results.

3. There were broken links, grammatical errors, and even “filler text” from the site template found on his web pages, which made the site look unprofessional.

Daynan stated I do epoxy flooring and I’m not great with computers, so a lot of this internet stuff is Greek to me, but I know the web is important to my business because real customers are finding me.

I could tell right away that Derek knew what he was doing. Derek looked at my old website and could clearly explain what wasn’t great about it, and I was impressed by what he said so I gave him the job.

After explaining to Daynan that we could either spend time fixing the issues we found, or we could start from scratch with an improved design, he chose to start over. Designer Julie Rundle re-vamped his existing design and rewrote all the copy. Derek then hand-coded the pages for optimal performance on any-sized device. We posted the new site to a preview server for Daynan’s review, and he was very pleased.

After seeing what Derek and Julie created, I knew my instinct was right, and the investment I made to have them re-do my whole site was worth every penny. The new is blazing fast, looks great, and my customers have commented on how professional it looks. Not only that, but a lot more people are contacting me via the site now.

The best thing is that Derek and Julie needed almost no input from me throughout the process. While I focused on my business, they researched my business, answered their own questions, made great decisions, and kept me up to date on what they were doing. Then after a few weeks, bam! They had a great design together and not long after I gave it my approval, the site was up and running. It just couldn’t have gone any smoother.

The results of our reworked website are clear and measurable: the site now takes less than two seconds to load, there are no errors in the code, the design and copy are informative and engaging, and Daynan experienced a marked upswing in the number of people contacting him about his services.

Now there is no question – Derek is my web guy and we’ll be using him again soon when we’re ready to expand the site as we franchise the business.

Are you unhappy with your website? Contact us to arrange a review and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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